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Products & Services

The range of products of "Lapshinsky tank farm", which allows almost fully satisfy the need for combustive-lubricating materials and products of oil refining any company.



Storage and warehousing of oil and its products. (Main activity of the tank farm) liquefaction and enrichment of natural gas at the extraction site .

Base oils and lubricants

Company's mission

Strategically located tank terminals and state-of-the-art technologies are important assets, but it is our lessees who make the true difference.

About JSC "Lapshinsky tank farm

Closed Joint-Stock Company "Lapshinsky tank farm" (JSC "Lapshinsky tank farm") is registered at the address: 403811, Volgograd region, Lapshinsky station, Kotovsky district, Mira street, 3 A. Volgograd City in Russia. The company "Lapshinsky tank farm" was registered on April 23, 2010 with the Inter district Inspectorate of Federal Tax Service No. 3 in the Volgograd region.

Strategic location

Thanks to its location in the sea port of Volgograd, JSC Lapshinsky tank farm is accessible by ship, truck and train.

A fast service

Reduced waiting times are guaranteed thanks to the 30 loading bays JSC Lapshinsky tank farm has for loading and unloading trucks, flexbags and tank containers.


Would you like to find out how JSC Lapshinsky tank farm could help you optimise your logistics processes? JSC Lapshinsky tank farm: always at your service! JSC Lapshinsky tank farm is flexible and focused fully on your specific needs.